Born 1973 in Gardone V. T.within the Val Trompia, the Italian valley famous for the manifacturing and engraving of guns, Giusy Rampini displayed an early artistic talent for depicting animals. To develop her artistic skills she studied at various art schools and became a pupil of Mr Adriano Grasso Capriolo, an Italian painter coming from the Academy of fine Arts Vienna (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien).

Under his guidance she acquired a profound knowledge of various techniques using oil, tempera, water-colour, pastel and acrylic. In 2002 she attended the school of engraving “Il Bisonte” of Firenze.

Very soon Giusy turned to the world of hunting for inspiration. As a lover of hunting Giusy has always endeavoured to capture on canvas the emotion of solitude in the woodlands and high pastures of the mountains.
Her main interest is to capture the innermost moments of an event such as the stance of a hunting dog pointing or free movement of the prey.

Her own interest in animals has enabled her to paint in such rich detail, paying close attention to the morphology of the animals. Her animal paintings do not remain frozen on the canvas but express the free movement of the subject

Her brushstrokes transfer a refined realism, from the moment the hunter’s dog points, to the moment the prey leaves its hiding place.


Within her paintings there are many nuances of shade that some might say only her feminine intuition can perceive.
Familiarity with the world of hunting led her to work as an illustrator for a number of hunting magazines. Some of these illustrations were even used as cover pages.

Giusy Rampini has received critical acclaim after exhibiting some of her work. She is now studying European Ungulates which for her is an unexplored world.

When not painting Giusy enjoys stalking and observing alpine animals. No doubt this has helped her to portray, through her work, her own particular view of the wilderness and her love of the natural world that surrounds her.